Web maintenance and management

Building a website is one thing, maintaining it is something different. Every website that we build is fully maintained by us, including the hosting, domain and the emails. This way our clients can focus on running their business without worrying about technical problems.

One year free maintenance for all websites built by Simplifix

Web maintenance plans

The cost for maintaining a site depends on its size and functionalities. For your convenience we have prepared two general plans that satisfy most of our clients


Websites under 30 pages
$ 99
  • Up to 30 monthly plugin updates
  • Monthly system updates
  • Daily website backup
  • Up to 3 content changes per month
  • Up to 3 small layout changes per month
  • Up to 3 bug fixes
  • Small ecommerce setting changes
  • Email support
  • Hosting support


Websites over 30 pages
$ 299
  • Unlimited monthly plugin updates
  • Monthly system updates
  • Daily website backup
  • Up to 9 content changes per month
  • Up to 9 small layout changes per month
  • Up to 9 bug fixes
  • Small ecommerce setting changes
  • One monthly addition of products through a csv file
  • Bulk product edit
  • Email support
  • Hosting support

We can always create a custom plan according to the client’s needs.

Key elements

Explore the core elements of our web maintenance service.

Keeping plugins up to date
Powerful animated icon library
Fixing problems and bugs

Encounter a hiccup? Our team swiftly identifies and resolves issues, ensuring your website runs seamlessly, leaving a positive impression on your visitors.

Developing extra functionalities

Need something unique? We go beyond maintenance, offering bespoke solutions to enhance your website's capabilities.

Connecting to 3rd party plugins

Expand your website's functionality by seamlessly integrating it with various third-party plugins.

Research on demand

Doing research on what is the most effective and cost-effective solution for a particular problem

We provide complete end-to-end support for our clients!

An example of a custom solution we built for a client.


The client wanted to eliminate the problem of shop managers making a mistake when preparing an order. For example, forgetting an item that is part of the order or adding one that is not a part of the order.


The solution that we build allowed the shop managers to scan each item before adding it to shipping parcel, comparing it in real time to the specific order. If the product belongs to the order, the product is painted in green. If the item doesn’t belong to the order, a message appears alerting the shop manager to double check the product they have taken and change it to the correct one.


The result was eliminating the chance of shipping the wrong items or not shipping the correct ones which is saving money for the business and keeping the clients happy.
As a comparison, before developing the plugin, every month there were at least 5 orders shipped to a customer either with a missing product or with one that the customer didn’t want.
Client reports that after our work, these mistakes were brought down to zero.

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