Web Design and Development

What do you get when you choose Simplifix to build your website?

You get a site that performs and will put you on the digital map. A very powerful tool to grow your business. Below you will find a list of the features every site that we build has.

Anti-Spam protection paid for 1 year

SSL paid for 1 year

SEO friendly copywriting

Full Customer service


What we pride on

Transparent conditions on the price of the service (never exceed the price that is given)

A detailed description of what will be done and in what timeframe

Seamless communication via phone, email, WhatApp & Viber

Free site maintenance for the first year

International experience: besides clients in Bulgaria, businesses from Germany, Spain and England have trusted us for over 3 years.

95% of our clients work with us on more than one project

A team of professionals, each specializing in different niches of web design and digital marketing - graphic designers, web designers, front- and backend developers, SEO and Google Ads specialists.

Website cost factors

The cost depends on two factors – design plus user experience (UI&UX) and functionality.

We can divide them into 3 tiers – High-end, Luxury and World Class web design


$3,000 - $10,000

A High-End website is suitable for a startup or a small business. While still having a completely custom design, there are no animations and no complex user-triggered effects.


$10,000 - $30,000

Luxury web design is suitable for businesses having a larger budget with more requirements related to the design, user experience, and functionalities. It has bespoke design, 2D and/or 3D animations, and user-triggered effects.

If it is an online store it will have more coplex functionalities designed to increase conversions and store management efficiency.

World Class

$30,000 - $100,000

A World Class website is suitable for 2 kinds of businesses:

Large online stores that require integrations with many 3rd-party software like CMS, warehouses, synchronization between different physical locations, different languages, automation, etc.

Businesses that want to reward themselves with a state-of-the-art website that makes people go “WOOW”. The user experience on such websites is stunning. They are the Ferrari & Rolls-Royce in the web design industry.

How long will it take for my website to be ready?

It depends on the website but we can point out some ballpark numbers that will give you a better perspective. The time necessary depends again on the same two factors – design plus user experience (UI&UX) and functionality.

We can divide them into 3 tiers – High-end, Luxury and World Class web design


Suitable for startup or a small business.

1-2 months
to complete

A High-End website has a bespoke design with normal functionalities (usually a site displaying the services of a company or a small online store) and usually takes between 1 and 2 months to complete.


Suitable for business having a larger budget with more requirements.

3-4 months
to complete

A Luxury website takes between 3-4 months. It has a tailor-made design, custom animations (2D and/or 3D) and user-triggered effects. If it is an online store it has more advanced ecommerce functionalities related to the shopping experience of the customer.

World Class

Choose this if you want to have the best website in your industry.

6-12 months
to complete

World Class websites take between 6-12 months. The reasons for the longer time are bespoke design, a lot of custom animations (2D & 3D), and complicated user-triggered animations. The main focus here is the user experience and the effect is mesmerizing.

If it’s an online store it will have integrations with different 3rd party software, many automation designed to increase conversions and store management, multiple languages, CMS integration, etc.

Steps to build a website

1. We meet with the client.

Here we ask each other questions. The more the questions, the better the outcome.

We list all the features of the website/online shop and the full price.

We require 50% downpayment to start the project. The rest is paid after the website is 100% finished.

We draft the design on Figma and send it to the client. Then we edit according to the feedback.
Working on the copy.

We create the website pages as per the agreed design. Set up the functionalities. This includes products upload, shipping, payment, checkout settings, etc. All the things that are behind the curtains.

Here we optimise the speed of the website, add meta texts, test if everything is working correctly and then publish.

Maintenance and guarantees

We take pride in the support we provide to our clients after we publish their websites.

All websites enjoy a 1-year free of charge maintenance. This includes updating the website regularly and fixing unwanted behavior. After the first year, we take a small monthly fee that depends on the size of the website and its functionalities. This guarantees the satisfaction of our clients.


1 year maintenance

  • Regular website updates
  • Fixing unwanted behavior


We build our websites on 2 platforms – Shopify and WordPress. Both of them are extremely easy to manage by inexperienced people. On top of that, we provide a small library of tutorials on how to do complete basic management tasks like editing product information and price or changing text on a page.

Flexibility and extra functionalities

We understand that every business evolves, hence the need for more functionalities in the website. We build every website in a way that allows us to easily upgrade it with custom code.

An example of this is a custom plugin that we built for one of our clients in Germany. It’s an integration between the online store and the barcode scanner in the fulfilment center. Read more in our case study.

Another example is the website carhunters.bg. 6 months ago we had to add a new custom listing to the website – cars from auctions. In 1 week the functionality was added to the website allowing our client to put his new service on the map in no time!

Featured projects and portfolio

Meeting with our clients

Niche web design

Every website that we build belongs to a specific niche. The industries that we have worked in so far are: Cosmetics, Cosmetic studios, SaaS, Accounting, Automobile, E-commerce,

All of them have a bespoke design relevant to the particular industry.






Communication and customer service

All of our skills and expertise would mean nothing without the communication that we have with our clients. Before we start a project, we ask as many questions as possible uncovering potential problems and needs. During the site development, we send drafts to the client so we can make corrections if needed.

After the site is published we offer full website and hosting maintenance ensuring the site will run smoothly at all times. This is our recipe for a win/win partnership.

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