ATTENTION! Please read these terms and conditions carefully before using this website. If you use this website, you are deemed to accept and agree to these terms. If you DO NOT ACCEPT these terms, do not use this website!

These GENERAL TERMS and CONDITIONS govern the relationship between “SIMPLIFIX STUDIO” Ltd. (hereinafter the Company) on the one hand and the Users of electronic (Internet) pages and services located on the domain www.simplifixstudio.com (called for short Site), as well as the relations with the same, when they use the information and trade services offered by “SIMPLIFIX STUDIO” Ltd. (called for short Services).

These conditions are binding on all users. By clicking on any object, link or button located on the pages of simplifixstudio.com (except for the link to these General Terms), the User agrees, fully accepts and undertakes to comply with these General Terms.



IPREAMBLE – the terms listed below are used in these General Terms and Conditions with the following meaning:

“SIMPLIFIX STUDIO” Ltd. is a company registered under the Commercial Law of the Republic of Bulgaria, with registered office and address of management: Sofia, Krasna Polyana district, Razsadnik Konyovitsa, block 61, UIC: 205835255 and VAT:BG205835255, operating as a trade intermediary, with the main direction of economic activity – digital design / offering design services/. In the context of these General Terms and Conditions, SIMPLIFIX STUDIO Ltd. acts in its capacity as a Merchant, ie. a legal person that sells or offers for sale goods, provides services or concludes contracts with consumers as part of its commercial or professional activity in the public or private sector, as well as any person acting on its behalf and on its behalf.

The coordinates of “SIMPLIFIX STUDIO” Ltd. are as follows: Sofia, Krasna Polyana district, “Nursery Konyovitsa” bl.61, entrance A, floor 5, apartment 15, tel. +359 885 736 186, e-mail:office@simplifixstudio.com,,sales@simplifixstudio.com.

“User”– all able-bodied individuals (over / over 18 years of age) and / or legal entities, as well as impersonal associations that access the Site www.simplifixstudio.com and take advantage of the goods and services offered by SIMPLIFIX STUDIO Ltd., including consumers under the protection of the CPA.

“Consumer under the protection of CPA” is any natural person who acquires goods or uses services that are not intended for carrying out commercial or professional activity, and any natural person who, as a party to a contract under this law, acts outside the scope of his commercial or professional activity.

“Registered user” – a user who has registered on the website of “SIMPLIFIX STUDIO” Ltd., according to the established procedure, giving him the right to request the purchase of goods from the online store of the Company.

“Website” / “Site” – this term means the website of “SIMPLIFIX STUDIO” Ltd., available at the following web address: https://www.simplifixstudio.com.

“Supplier” / “Manufacturer” is called any legal entity, owner of the goods offered by the Company. “Supplier” / “Manufacturer” is a third party, in partnership with the Company, jointly engaged in sending the ordered goods from the User to the User.

“Packaging” are vessels and any other devices or materials which are capable of performing the function of containing and storing various goods offered directly to consumers.

“Sales price” is the final price per unit or for a certain quantity of goods, including value added tax and all additional taxes and fees.

“Unit price” is the final price, including value added tax and all additional taxes and fees per unit of measure of the offered goods.

“Goods” / “Services”in the context of these General Terms and Conditions, this is any Goods and the Service located on the Site www.simplifixstudio.com, including those, Goods and Services mentioned in the Order, which are provided by the Merchant as a result of a concluded Contract for distance selling.

“Invitation to purchase” is a commercial message, which indicates in an appropriate way, depending on the means used to make a commercial message, the characteristics of the goods and their price and which allows the User to make a purchase remotely.

Cart“- section cSite www.simplifixstudio.com, which allows the User to add Goods and Services that he wishes to purchase at the time of their addition or at a later stage; in the event that the Goods and Services are not purchased at the time of their addition by placing an Order, the User will take advantage of the Merchant’s service to track the Goods and Services by receiving commercial messages such as “Purchase Invitation”.

“Order” -declaring the will of the User, who declares his direct desire to purchase specific Goods and Services, by concluding a Sales Agreement with the Merchant and providing personal data necessary for the possible conclusion and implementation of the Sales Agreement.

“Contract of sale” is the contract concluded at a distance (through a means of distance communication – item 15 of this section) between the Merchant and the User for purchase and sale of a specific Goods or Service, liked by the User through Site www.simplifixstudio.com, an integral part of which are these General Terms and Conditions.The contract of sale is a contract under which the transfer or ownership of goods or services is ordered by the Merchant to the User or by the Manufacturer to the User, and the User pays or undertakes to pay the Sale Price for them. This includes contracts having as their object both Goods and Services.

Digital Content are data that is produced and delivered in digital form, such as computer games, anti-virus programs, applications, movies, music, texts, e-books, newspapers, magazines, software or online games, databases, betting websites and others, independently whether they are accessible by download or transmission in real time, by physical media or by any other means.

“Remote communication means” is any means that without the simultaneous physical presence of the Merchant and the User / Customer can be used to enter into a Sales Agreement between the parties, such as addressed and unaddressed printed materials, standard letter, advertising in the press and social networks, order coupon , catalog, telephone (with or without human intervention), radio, television, videophone, videotext, sms message, computer, e – mail, internet, fax, mail order.

“General Conditions” – represents this document, which is an “electronic document” within the meaning of the Electronic Document and Electronic Signature Act, which document is an electronic statement recorded on magnetic, optical or other media, enabling the statement to be reproduced.

“Processing of personal data” is any action or set of actions that can be performed on personal data by automatic or other means, such as collecting, recording, organizing, storing, adapting or modifying, restoring, consulting, using, disclosing, transmitting, disseminating, providing , update or combine, block, delete or destroy.

“Provision of personal data” are actions for complete or partial transfer of personal data from one administrator to another or to a third party on the territory of the country or abroad.

“User Content” is any video material, image, text, photos, multimedia content, databases, software or other material that the user has on the Company’s Server, in order to be accessible through the website of “SIMPLIFIX STUDIO” Ltd. for all other users.


These General Terms and Conditions regulate the terms and conditions for the provision of goods and services performed by “SIMPLIFIX STUDIO” Ltd., offered through the site www.simplifixstudio.com in strict compliance by the User with the requirements specified in these General Terms.

“SIMPLIFIX STUDIO” Ltd. is not responsible for any interference or technical problems that frustrate the ability to provide goods and services as a result of the operation of computer equipment by the User.

When making changes in the General Terms and Conditions, SIMPLIFIX STUDIO Ltd. is obliged to publish on the site the current text of the amendments.

By accepting these General Terms and Conditions, the User agrees to comply with them in the wording published on the website of “SIMPLIFIX STUDIO” Ltd., at the time of their acceptance.


The User is prohibited from copying, transmitting, distributing, storing or in any other way using part or all of the Content available on the Website www.simplifixstudio.com, in any form without the express written permission of SIMPLIFIX STUDIO Ltd.

The user is not allowed to use the website to send or transmit any material with illegal, threatening, false, misleading, insulting, harassing, defamatory, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, scandalous, inciting, pornographic or religiously incorrect or any material that establishes or encourages conduct that would be considered a criminal offense, would result in civil or criminal liability, or would otherwise violate the law.

The entire content of the site www.simplifixstudio.com including text, drawings, graphics, photographs, databases, design, video, trademarks, software programs, logos, slogans and other information, are subject to copyright within the meaning of the Copyright and Related Rights Act and are the property of ” SIMPLIFIX STUDIO Ltd. and / or its partners, clients or users, provided for publication the relevant materials.

Any use, reproduction, change, public display, etc. part or all of the content of the website without the prior written consent of “SIMPLIFIX STUDIO” Ltd., its customers, partners or users who have provided for publication the relevant materials is prohibited and will be prosecuted in accordance with the law by all legal means.

By posting any material that can be defined as “user content” on the site, the User grants to “SIMPLIFIX STUDIO” Ltd. the right to use, reproduce, record, store and distribute publicly for the needs of and in connection by providing the goods subject to these General Terms and Conditions.

The User hereby declares that: (a) he is the holder of copyright or other intellectual property rights, or has the right to use the relevant material as user content in the manner specified in this point, having acquired this right to contract or another legal basis (b) that the placement of this content on the pages of www.simplifixstudio.com and its use in accordance with these General Terms and Conditions does not infringe the rights of third parties.


The access to the goods and services offered by “SIMPLIFIX STUDIO” Ltd. is realized by visiting the site www.simplifixstudio.com.

When placing an order on the platform of the site, the User fills in an application in which they enter the following information: first and last name, e-mail address, delivery address, telephone number and method of payment.

About using the website www.simplifixstudio.com, The user undertakes to provide true, accurate and up-to-date information about himself when filling in the order registration form. “SIMPLIFIX STUDIO” Ltd. is not responsible for incorrectly filled in by the User data during the subsequent processing and execution of the request.

For a successfully executed order the User receives electronic messages (by e-mail) with explicit confirmation of the order, as well as an invoice for the order.

In view of the security and protection of its users, “SIMPLIFIX STUDIO” Ltd. notifies parents that the products offered are intended for the general public. In this sense, it is the sole responsibility of parents to determine the appropriate products for use by their children. Persons under the age of 18 may not be Users or Clients of the site.

“SIMPLIFIX STUDIO” Ltd. does not assume any responsibility for the timeliness, deletion, inability to deliver or maintain personal settings of the User, as well as for damages and lost profits resulting from, as a result of or due to depletion of products, including inability to use the site due to technical problems, prevention, etc.

“SIMPLIFIX STUDIO” Ltd. is not responsible for any damages and losses incurred due to non-compliance with the provisions of this section.


The information through which the User can be identified may include: name, e-mail address, mailing address, telephone number, as well as any other information that he provides voluntarily when purchasing goods through the Company’s website.

“SIMPLIFIX STUDIO” Ltd., in its capacity of Personal Data Administrator, guarantees to its Users the confidentiality of the provided information and personal data. The latter will not be used, provided or brought to the notice of third parties, except in the cases and under the conditions specified in these General Terms and Conditions.

According to the European Regulation / EU / 2016/679 – GDPR for the protection of available data, which entered into force on 25.05.2018, the User, as a Personal Data Subject, has the following rights: access to his personal data ; oncorrection (if the data is inaccurate); deletion (right to be “forgotten”); to limit processing; the portability of his personal data between individual administrators; an objection to the processing of his personal data; on a complaint to a supervisory body; not be the subject of a decision based solely on automated processing, including profiling, which has legal consequences for it as a data subject or similarly affects it significantly; of protection by judicial or administrative order, in case his rights as a data subject have been violated. In case of change in the registration data, the User should update them in a timely manner, otherwise “SIMPLIFIX STUDIO” Ltd. is not responsible for placing an order under the conditions of uncorrected or out-of-date registration data.

A user who has registered (subscribed) electronically by e-mail in order to receive a discount, notifications with promotions and news from “SIMPLIFIX STUDIO” Ltd., agrees to his personal data (e-mail) to be processed by the site, electronically and in case of need for help – by an authorized employee of the Company.

A user who has placed an order on the site and has entered into a Sales Agreement with the Company is also called a “Customer”. He expressly agrees that the personal data provided by him to be processed by the site, electronically, upon delivery of ordered goods or services, and if necessary assistance – by an authorized employee of “SIMPLIFIX STUDIO” Ltd.

Subject to applicable law and the provisions of these General Terms and Conditions, “SIMPLIFIX STUDIO” Ltd. may use the personal data of the User / Client only for the purpose for which they are provided. Any other purposes for which the data may be used will comply with the law, applicable international instruments, Internet ethics, morals and morals.The Company explicitly notifies that the personal data provided by the User are not provided to third parties for advertising and promotional purposes.

SIMPLIFIX STUDIO Ltd. undertakes not to disclose any personal data about its customers to third parties for advertising and promotional purposes, except in cases where it has voluntarily obtained the express written consent of the User / Customer. The company has the right to disclose personal data in cases where the information is requested by government agencies or officials who under current law are authorized to request and collect such information and suppliers and manufacturers engaged in the delivery of ordered goods and services to the customer. In these cases, the information is provided by law – solely for the purpose for which it was provided.

Access and use by users of social networks – Facebook, Instagram, Tweeter, YouTube, Linkedin and others. require separate registration and acceptance of the general conditions of the respective websites and “SIMPLIFIX STUDIO” Ltd. is not responsible for the protection of personal data when accepting the conditions of these sites.



“SIMPLIFIX STUDIO” Ltd. has the right to announce reductions from the prices of the offered goods and services for a certain period, as this will be indicated as follows: by placing the new price next to the old one, which has been crossed out; or by the words “new price” and “old price”, “sale”, “reduction” followed by the respective amounts; or by indicating a percentage of the reduction, the new price being placed next to the old price which has been crossed out.

Apart from the reductions under item 1 of this section, SIMPLIFIX STUDIO Ltd. has the right to change the prices on its own initiative in the cases when there is a new price of a respective product, without having to notify the consumers in advance.

The user is obliged to pay the price that was indicated on the website at the time of completion of the order, regardless of whether this price is lower or higher than subsequently changed.

In case of technical errors in the data entered by the User / Customer in the e-shop, “SIMPLIFIX STUDIO” Ltd. has the right to refuse the order and does not owe compensation in any way to the Customer, except to refund the amounts paid and / or deposited from the Client, if any.


“SIMPLIFIX STUDIO” Ltd. has the right to change the technology and design of the goods provided without prior notice.

“SIMPLIFIX STUDIO” Ltd. reserves the right to send its users messages – invitations to purchase related to new goods and services or changes in the conditions and ways of using current services.

“SIMPLIFIX STUDIO” Ltd. is not responsible if the User / Client has not read the latest version of these General Terms.


“SIMPLIFIX STUDIO” Ltd. strives to maintain up-to-date information from sources that it considers reliable, but does not guarantee that they are such, and that the site does not contain errors and that access to it is uninterrupted.

“SIMPLIFIX STUDIO” Ltd. does not confirm and is not responsible for the information contained in websites to which there are hyperlinks, as well as for the products, services and others offered on the same websites.

“SIMPLIFIX STUDIO” Ltd. does not review the content of materials provided and / or sent by users of its website, and is not responsible for such content. The Company may at any time in its sole discretion remove any material submitted by users.

“SIMPLIFIX STUDIO” Ltd. is not responsible for the quality and condition of Internet connections, as well as for the serviceability of the devices that provide them, from a user’s computer to the server on which the website is located.

“SIMPLIFIX STUDIO” Ltd. is not responsible for any losses – direct, indirect or consequential damages, lost profits arising from or related to user access to use of the website.


It is possible that specific content, products and services provided through the site of “SIMPLIFIX STUDIO” Ltd. contain materials from third parties. The Website may contain links to websites operated by third parties that are owned or operated by third parties, not by SIMPLIFIX STUDIO Ltd. These links are provided for your convenience only. The Company has no control over and is not responsible for the content, privacy policies or security of such sites. The user is responsible for reading the General Terms and Conditions of these sites before using their services. In the event of accusations or questions from the User, they should be directed to the relevant third parties.

Cookies- Cookies are computer data and in particular – text files stored on the end device of the User, intended for use on web pages. These files allow the identification of the User’s device and the correct display of the web page intended for his individual preferences. Cookies usually contain the name of the website from which they came, the time of their storage on the end device and a unique number.

What are Cookies used for?

Cookies are contained in the HTTP protocol used to connect the Internet server to the browser. It consists of: the key that defines the name of the values, the values and the life cycle, after which the browser must remove the cookie. Their features are standard, designed for browser settings. Cookies are used to adjust web content to user preferences and to increase the usability and customization of website content.

What Cookies do we use?

There are two standard types of cookies – “session” and “permanent”. The first are temporary files that remain on the user’s device until he exits the website or turns off the software (the user’s web browser). The “permanent” files remain on the User’s device for the time specified in the parameters of the cookies files or until they are manually deleted by the User. The cookies used by the website operator’s employees and users are governed by their own Privacy Policy.

Privacy policy and use of Cookies

When the User uses the site www.simplifixstudio.com, “Cookies” are used to identify the browser or user device – “Cookies” collect various types of information, which in principle does not constitute personal data (does not allow identification of the User). However, some information, depending on its content and use, may be linked to a specific person and considered as personal data. Regarding the Site Policy of www.simplifixstudio.com, the data is encrypted, which makes it impossible to prevent unauthorized access to it.


Using the technology of the “Cookies” on the site www.simplifixstudio.com, one can learn about users’ preferences, such as by analyzing how often they visit a website or what products they watch the most. The analysis of online behavior helps the Company to better understand the habits and expectations of users and to adapt to their needs and interests. Thanks to this technology, the User can present an advertisement designed specifically for him and from the available offers to present those offers or promotions that best meet the needs of the User and which are not available to other people.

The User’s refusal of Cookies does not mean that the User will not receive any ads when using the site or other sites – in this case the User continues to receive the same amount of ads, but they are not related to this its activity.

The information collected and stored in cookies can be stored after deleting the browser session, which allows, for example, to be used in subsequent visits to the user.


Based on the “Cookies” SIMPLIFIX STUDIO Ltd. uses technology that allows access to users who have previously visited the site www.simplifixstudio.com, but have visited other similar websites, such as those belonging to companies working with our associates.

The lack of connection between the advertisement presented to the User and his interests and needs may have negative consequences for him. It is considered more attractive and practical for the User to receive the message that corresponds to his interests and should be established as a result of the analysis of his previous behavior based on the technology of “Cookies”. Therefore, the Company has an interest in following the advertising content of the User when using various websites – to provide him with advertising content adapted to his previous Internet activity.

Third-Party Cookies

The cookies used by www.simplifixstudio.comare aimed primarily at optimizing customer service when using the Company’s website. However, the Company cooperates with other companies within their marketing (advertising) activity. For the purposes of this cooperation, the browser or other software installed on the User’s device intercepts “Cookies” from persons conducting such marketing activities.

The cookies sent by these persons are intended to improve the performance of the User’s advertising, which corresponds to his online activity – third parties provide advertising content to users.

Therefore, while the site is being visited, the “Cookies” by employees of “SIMPLIFIX STUDIO” Ltd. are also recorded. In this way, adequate information is collected about products that are being viewed or purchased.

Remove or block Cookies

The user can control the use of cookies in turn through the settings of www.simplifixstudio.com or on his web browser.

By default, Internet browsers or other software installed on a computer or other device of the User connected to the network allows the inclusion of certain types of “Cookies” on this device. These settings can be changed in such a way as to block the use of cookies in the settings of the web browser or to notify of any transfer to the User’s device. The consent thus given regarding the use of this technology may be amended or revoked at any time (blocking the storage of cookies in the future).

It is also possible to block the cookies of third parties with the simultaneous acceptance of cookies that come directly from www.simplifixstudio.com.

Detailed information about the possibilities and ways of working with “Cookies” and how they can be deactivated is available in the software settings (web browser) or here: https://www.allaboutcookies.org/.

Restricting the use of cookies may affect some of the features available on the website.

Let the User pay attention that the opt-out of Cookies will be applied only to a specific web browser. This means that the same actions will need to be taken for any other browser used on the same or another device.


The provisions of the current Bulgarian legislation shall apply to all issues not settled in these General Terms and Conditions.

All disputes related to these General Terms and Conditions, which the parties have failed to resolve through negotiations and / or by mutual agreement, shall be referred to the competent Bulgarian courts.

The written form is considered complied with by sending an e-mail message, pressing an electronic button on a website with content that is filled in or selected by the User or marking in a field (check box) on the site of “SIMPLIFIX STUDIO” Ltd., pressing of electronic reference, etc. similar in so far as the statement is technically recorded in a way that allows it to be reproduced.

These General Terms and Conditions of SIMPLIFIX STUDIO Ltd. come into force from the date of their publication and are available on the official website of the Company at the following WEB address: www.simplifixstudio.com

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