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Simeon Nenov

Simeon Nenov

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Hello guys, I hope that the article that I previously posted was helpful and led you in the right direction to rethinking your brand strategy or creating one if you don’t have one. So, last time we spoke about what is brand strategy in general and why is it so important.

Today I want to touch on the first thing that you have to do when you building your brand strategy and that is to find out who you are as a brand.

In today’s world, despite of which industry you are in, you have a huge competition that is already serving your audience with the product or service that you are about to offer. This is why it is extremely hard to differentiate yourself from the others.

Or is it?

The Importance of Brand Personality

Many companies do not even think that their company should have a personality that has vision, goals, mission, and values. And this is one of the things that gets people attracted to your business. Sometimes a simple picture of the founders or the employees of the company on the website shows to the potential clients that there are humans behind this company that are genuine, upfront and willing to help.

Effective Communication of Mission and Goals

Another way to communicate your mission and goals is through your name, slogan, value proposition and pitch. Now, the way to do that properly is to define who exactly your target audience is. If you do not know your target audience well enough all of the things mentioned above will be less effective.

I hope that the article today was helpful and will help people understand a bit more about the brand strategy and its importance.

In the next article, we will cover the main principles of creating your name, slogan, value proposition and pitch with some examples.

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